Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Team Management

Team Management is a mode that allows you to manage your own racing team and have your drivers compete in various events. You either can scout and hire new drivers or rehire a previous team member in order to improve your team in order to pass the promotion lines in each rating group and rank up. The races that take place are ran by the AI system and have replays available at the end of the event to see how your drivers race against everyone else

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You can hire a maximum of four drivers on your team. Each driver comes with their own set of specialization and basic stats. You can improve their basic stat attributes by allocating your points you earn to them by finishing races using said driver.

As you progress through the facility skill tree, you’ll have the option to make your driver either use Drift or Grip (Requires Switch Style). This option can be switched at anytime. This is useful when making decisions based on your driver’s attribute strengths/weaknesses and the vehicle you put them in for races

Driver contracts last a maximum of 4 days before they need renewal to stay on the team. You can release drivers early to scout/hire/rehire other drivers

Driver Basic Stats

Unlimited Tip: Watching your team’s events in playback will help you decide on which stat needs more points allocated to it or if you need to hire a new driver

Team Status

A team status is determined based on the total amount of points they acculumate during the week. To avoid facing demotion, your team much pass the safety point line remain in the status into next week. To be promoted, your team must reach the promotion point line. The amount of points needed variety based on what your team’s staus is

All Team statuses (from lowest to highest):

  • Town Level Team
  • City Level Team
  • State Level Team
  • National Level Team
  • National Pro Team
  • International Team
  • International Pro Team
  • Racing Master Team


Facility is a skill tree system where you can upgrade various elements of your team and headquarters to have your drivers perform better, earn more winning purse, earn more attribute points, speed up and shorten construction costs and time, and more. 

Upgradable facilites

Team Rating Rewards

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