RMLand is an event section that contains special arcade online modes. Every monday at 5:00 am ET, the modes and shop prizes are rotated in and out with different ones. Winning in this mode rewards RMLand coupons and Goodwill Medals that can be used to buy various prizes in the RMLand Store and Goodwill Item Redemption Store. double coupon rewards will be available weekly on your first runs for each RMLand event

Table of Contents

RMLand Modes


Extreme Pursuit is a 2 minute long event with no finish line. The grid consists of 4 defenders, 3 breakers, and 1 pursuer. Drivers score points based on mileage, captures, and number of opponents eliminated. Drivers are ranked post race based how many points they scored. Pursuer will not be ranked

Defenders start in first place with a Standard Class car and protect the lead to the end of the event.
Breakers start in the middle with Sports Class cars with the aim of overtaking the Defenders without being overtaken by the Pursuer.
Pursuer starts in last place with an Extreme Class car and has to overtake as many other cars as possible

Special rule
When a defender is the first to pass a checkpoint or a breaker eliminates an opponent, the car’s performance is enchaned with the Sports Mode limits lifted

Ice Drift

Ice Drift puts 4 players against each other in a drifting competition and the winner is determined by whoever has accumulated the most points. The 3 ways to score points are maintain a drift, scoring at gates, and smasing swirls

Maintaining a drift requires you to drift/power slide the car to gain score. Longer drifts, faster speed, and wider drift angles allows you to gain points and increase your multiplier quicker

Scoring at gates requires you to pass through one of 20 gates placed with yellow and red banners while drifting. scoring is also determined by the distance between the rear end of the car and the red banners

Scoring at the smash swirls requires you to drift your car into one of the swirls found on the outside walls of the track. Smasing a swirl rewards 20000 points each 

Ice Drift Walkthrough

Team Elimination

Team Elimination consist of 32 players placed into 16 teams of 2. There are 4 rounds total which consist of Standard, Sports, and Extreme Class races with the class being randomized. Each round half of the teams that scored 1st – 2nd in points during their race advance to the next round while the other teams that scored 3rd – 4th are eliminated. The winners of the event are the final 2 teams/4 players left standing

Team Elimination Gameplay

RMLand Store and Goodwill Item Redemption

RMLand Store

RMLand Store offers Bodykits, ECU blueprints, General Part Packs, and Silver Keys for select cars available to purchase using RMLand Coupons. RMLand Coupons are earned through RMLand event and mission rewards. Prizes available rotate every Monday at 5:00 AM ET

Goodwill Item Redemption

For info on Goodwill Item Redemption, Press Here