Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

RM Development: What We Know So Far

Since the 1st Beta ended in early April, news on Racing Master has gone mostly quiet (or so we thought). Here’s a summary of what we know so far and in case you missed anything, this page will get you back up to speed

2 cars not seen in beta revealed

There is a different version of the official trailer that instead of showing the Aston Martin pulling out of the garage, it shows the Lynk & Co. 03+, a Chinese made sports car. The McLaren 720S was also unveiled in a short trailer showcasing the car on the Baiyun Mountain. These 2 cars are just a small look at the 100+ cars that will be in RM at launch

Alternative Trailer

McLaren 720S Trailer

Track Coming Soon: Barcelona

Barcelona has been revealed to be one of the tracks that will appear soon. To the right/below is a first look of what the track will look like. More info on Barcelona will be available later as time progresses

Netease 520 Conference (China)

NetEase 520 had a live showcase of RM with stunning visuals and a short but sweet trailer of one of the many vehicles coming soon: McLaren 720s. McLaren Victory Team has also entered a partnership with NetEase Games and will assist them in someways. Not that the entire video is spoken in chinese

Netease Connect

NetEase Connect featured a pre-recording of the broadcast and premiered live via Facebook and Youtube. Some of the team members of the game shared their thoughts and what’s to expect of RM. You can watch that here. Coverage starts at 52:15


Dev Team Q&A #1

the developers of rm have selected the top questions asked and give answers to them. click to see the full q&a discussion

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