Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

RM China: Master Riders

Racing Master devs have sent out surveys to find people to join Master Rides and test the closed beta of Racing Master (Peak Speed)

What Is Master Riders?

Master Riders is a small group of hand picked players who are invited to test out the closed beta of Peak Speed. Those who are in will get to communicate with the devs directly, test out new content not seen in the 1st beta including vehicles and participate in group activities with various prizes to win

How to join Master Riders?

Step 1: Make a QQ Acount
You need to make a QQ account in order to complete the survey

Step 2: Answer the Survey
Note that the survey has questions that are tailored to those who are knowledgeable with car terminology

If chosen, you will be notify with further instructions on how to proceed in joining the Master Riders group


2021 ChinaJoy Racing Master Exhibit

August 4 | Racing Master showed up at the 2021 ChinaJoy to give visitors a preview of what to expect from the game