Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

RM Auto Expo

RM Auto Expo (Formerly known as Port) is a shop where players can obtain decals, paints, performance parts, new and port exclusive vehicles using Diamonds and Silver Keys. Up to 10 rewards can be drawn at a time with a chance to earn Rare, Legend, and Grand Prize cars 

Cars can be earned in both Permanent and Limited Show. Rare vehicles are guaranteed every 30 pulls and 80 pulls for Legend vehicles for both shows. The Rare/Legend pull counter resets to zero once a vehicle has been pulled of their respective rarity. Any duplicate cars obtained will be converted into ECU blueprint chips

Permanent Show

Permanent Show serves as the current main method to earning new vehicles as most of the car list vehicles are offered here. Standard, Sports, and Extreme class cars are available to obtain from the loot pool. One Silver Key reduces the cost of a single pull by 300 Diamonds and 10 keys gives 10 pulls for free

Limited Show

Limited show offers debut cars as the grand prize to be won. The pricing and loot pool differs depending on the debut vehicle’s car class. Diamonds are the only payment option as Silver Keys are not usable in the Limited Show. The grand prize vehicle is usually on display for 10 – 11 days before being moved to the Permanent Show loot pool

Show Chance, Prices, and Pull Rates

Permanent Show

Legendary Car: 1.43%

Rare Car: 4%

Kits: 94.57%

1 pull = 300 Diamonds
10 pulls = 3000 Diamonds
Rare Prize Bad Luck Scenario (30 Pulls) = 9000 Diamonds
Legend Prize Bad Luck Scenario (80 Pulls) = 24,000 Diamonds

Limited Show

Legendary Car: 1.67%

Rare Car: 4.76%

Kits: 93.57%

Limited Show Car Loot Pool

  • 148 Decal/Paint/Part Items
  • 1 Featured Extreme Car
  • 1 Random Extreme Car
  • 1 Featured Sports Car
  • 1 Random Sports Car
  • 1 Featured Generic Car
  • 1 Random Generic Car