Port is a shop where players can obtain decals, paints, performance parts, new and port exclusive vehicles using X-Pass. 150 rewards can be claimed with up to 10 rewards being drawn at a time. Each reward can only be claimed once per pool meaning duplicate rewards are not possible before the pool is reset. Players can reset the pool at anytime to place the poll back to its original status. Players have the option to exchange X-Coins for X-Pass if needed. Port uses 2 Gacha systems for various rewards. The Limited Gacha system includes 1 featured car along with 1 random car of the featured car’s class. The Set Gacha system includes 1 random car across all 3 classes

Port Prices and Exchange Rate

  • 1 pull = 200 X-Pass
  • 10 pulls = 2000 X-Pass
  • Claiming all 150 rewards in a single pool = 30,000 X-Pass
  • 100 X-Coins = 100 X-Pass
  • 9900 X-Coins = 9900 X-Pass

Rewards inside Limited Gacha System

  • 148 Decal/Paint/Part Items
  • 1 Featured Extreme Car
  • 1 Random Extreme Car
  • 1 Featured Sports Car
  • 1 Random Sports Car
  • 1 Featured Generic Car
  • 1 Random Generic Car

Unlike with the rewards inside Set Gacha system, Only one car class will be inside the Limited Gacha System at a time depending on the featured car available in the port

Rewards inside Set Gacha System

  • 147 Decal/Paint/Part Items
  • 1 Random Extreme Car
  • 1 Random Sports Car
  • 1 Random Generic Car