Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Welcome to the Performance Block

View the performance statistics of the Racing Master car list and compare them with other vehicles using the second block. This tool help you in seeing how certain cars match against others ranging from horsepower to weight to acceleration. Click/Press on the model pic to view info of the respective cars 

Use the first table for car #1 and the second table for car #2

Performance Block Help

Block Legend

(S) = Stock
(M) = Maxed
HP = Horsepower
Weight = Weight measured in KG
0 - 100 = 0 - 100 Acceleration measured in Seconds
100 - 0 = 100 - 0 Braking measured in metres
Full name filter = Used to help refine results in the searchbox

Performance Block Instructions

Navigation - Mobile
You can scroll down the page the first and second block or use the jump button to go straight to the second block
Scroll sideways to view more performance stats
How to compare 2 vehicles

Using the Search located on the top right of each block, Search for the first car model you will use to compare (For example: Ford Focus RS)
In the Second Block, search for the second car model you will use to compare (For Example: Porsche Carrera 4)
Pro Tip: You can shorthen your search by putting only the model name (For example: 918 Spyder)

Search Filters

You can use different keywords to refine your search. If you want to see cars from a certain class, you can search the class name (For example: Sports). This works with the Manufacturer name (For example: Lamborghini) and as mentioned above the model name (For Example: Aventador SVJ)

Sorting Statistics

You can sort the each of the columns to show the highest or lowest value first. For example you press on the Horsepower – Maxed column [HP (M)], choose to sort ascending/descending and it will show you the vehicles from highest to lowest/lowest to highest horsepower. Note that this function does not work on the pictured “manufacturer” and “model” column