Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Early Access/Beta Release #4

This build was released before the global launch of the game

Early Access/Beta Release #4

- Release Date: November 10, 2022
- Version: 0.3.2
- size: 7.6 gb+ (3 GB Initial)
- Minimum OS Requirement: Android 5

The fourth beta early access is the beta test for Racing Master which released on November 10, 2022 for Android. The beta test will begin on the same day at 10 pm ET and concludes on December 7th at 23:00 (UTC+11). This test is available to download for Australia players only. Game data will be wiped at the end of the beta and unlike the previous test, no in-app purchases will be available

New Beta Test is coming! Whether you want to tour the world and enjoy the unique charms of each track, or race with other players in the intense ranked matches, Racing Master gets you all covered. There’s also a whole bunch of modes, including Racing School, Story mode and RMLAND in this test, are you ready to join us?

New Additions:
  • New track (Alpen)
  • Rank Point System
UI/Performance/Other Changes:
  • Car collection and Home UI changes
  • RM Expo Gacha System changed
  • Track difficulty ratings readjusted
  • Graphical and game performance tweaks and improvements
  • Main Missions reworked
  • Ranked Tier names changed (Novice, Junior, Intermediate, Procifient, Accomplished)
  • New vehicle entry animation upon log in
  • New time checkpoint icons in select story events
  • Novice Guide removed
  • 3 cars temporarily removed (see below)
  • In-App Purchases temporarily removed
  • Top Up Rewards removed 

No new cars were added in this beta

Standard Class


Unlimited Players


Not Available This Beta


Not Available This Beta

No trailers present for 3rd beta

Early Access Updates

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