Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Early Access/Beta Release #3

This build was released before the global launch of the game

Early Access/Beta Release #3

- Release Date: July 13, 2022
- Version: 0.2.0
- size: 8.57 - 8.85 gb+ (1.28 - 1.36 GB Initial)
- Minimum OS Requirement: Android 5

The third beta early access is the upcoming beta test for Racing Master which releases on July 11, 2022 for Android. The beta test will begin on the same day at 10 pm ET and concludes on August 21st at 11:59pm ET. Unlike the previous test, this test is open to Canadian players only


We are super excited to give you a preview of some of the features and contents in RACING MASTER. In RACING MASTER, whether you want to tour the world and enjoy the unique charms of each track by yourself, or go wheel to wheel with other players in the intense ranked matches, we’ve got you covered. In addition, there’s a whole bunch of modes, including Racing School, Story mode and RMLAND, to make sure there’s never a dull moment.

New Additions:
  • 3 new tracks (Amsterdam, Tuscany, Ice Track)
  • 15 New vehicles added
  • 6 New modes added (Story, Team Management, RMLand, RM Weekly Open, Track Show)
  • Events Tab Added
  • Free and Deluxe Battle Pass Added
  • New Character customization and Outfits added
  • Clubs & Club Challenge added
  • New Currencies added (Design Voucher, RMLand Coupon, Wish Point, Contribution Stamp, Goodwill Medal
  • EXP added (Debut EP, Race Tour Activity EXP)
UI/Performance/Other Changes:
  • New Menu UI design
  • New My Cars UI design
  • Port renamed RM Auto Expo
  • RM Expo Gacha System changed
  • Racing School renamed to Tutorial
  • Track Experience renamed to Drills
  • Track difficulty ratings readjusted
  • Cash now used for Team Management only
  • X-Gold renamed to Gold
  • Vehicle performance overhaul
  • Drift and handling model balancing tweaks
  • Graphical and game performance tweaks and improvements
  • Achievements reworked
  • Novice Guides & Missions reworked
  • My Objectives added to Missions
  • Monetization Added
  • New App Icon
  • Tokyo temporarily removed
  • X-Cash and X-Passes removed
  • Vehicles and Body Kits no longer purchasable with Cash or Gold
  • 10 vehicles from the previous beta are temporarily removed (see below)

the following 15 cars were added to the third beta:

Standard Class


Unlimited Players


Not Available This Beta


Not Available This Beta

No trailers present for 3rd beta

Early Access Updates

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