Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Dev Team Q&A 2 - 10/21/21

the developer team have conducted what will be one of many to come question & answer thread. below are the most frequently asked questions from the community and here are the official answers for each one

Table of Contents

1 - Will Racing Master come to PC?

“PC port of Racing Master is Under Development

2 - Will there be more weather options on every track?

“The weather system is under development. it is very difficult. Different options will be released step by step.”

3 - i feel the graphics were lowered down a little in the second beta, will there be an option to get max settings for higher end devices?

Actually we do not lower the graphics, but there are some bugs needed to be fixed. Additionally, it will be improved in the future.”

4 - Currency system rework?

“The currency system is just a temporary version, and it will be reworked.”

5 - Photo Mode?

Under development – Stay Tuned

6 - freecam into replay mode?

Under development – Stay Tuned

7 - what are the monetization plans? surely it can be a little forgiving for F2p players?

“F2P friendly definitely”

8 - what will the story mode be like?

“Mainly about pve gameplay. You can enjoy both the game and the story at the same time.”

9 - will there be any other way besides the port to earn parts and cars in the future?

“Under development. Hopefully everyone can drive most of the cars.”

10 - Will we be able to drive 400kph?

“Temporary BOP so far. We will adjust it to make the car close to the real life performance”

11 - Are you going to add concept cars?

Concept Cars will be added to RM

12 - How will cheating/unfair play be addressed

Zero tolerance for cheating. We have a monitoring system and report system.”

13 - 3rd beta timeline?

“About 6 months or so”

14 - Will the vehicles get a damage system?

Car manufacturers do not allow for it”

15 - Will barriers/pylons be added to Yas Marina to prevent corner cutting?

Those who shortcut will get a penalty including wall-riding also”

16 - Will rm be cross platform with cross-save in the future?

Yes it will”

17 - Will we see any endurance Races in other modes?

It depends if devices will be able to handle it”

18 - Custom Team vs team mode?

“Later on in the future”

19 - what kind of tracks is the team looking towards?

The tracks added in RM are based on the reality, and the F1 tracks are licensed. There will be more tracks in the game.”

20 - will there be a drift mode?

We are lowering the drift difficulty but the separated drift gameplay is still under consideration.”

21 - Can the cars get classification that is divided by specific types

We want to join different cars into one race. Too complicated classification may ruin it.”

22 - Will custom parts affect performance?

“Exterior design will not influence car performance. we do not let players sacrifice design for performance”

23 - Will there be any changes to the gacha in port?

“The Port system is only temporary and will be changed”

24 - How long did it take to make the tracks look this real?

At least 9 months per track. We need to do some laser-scans on site. We will release a documentary about the track production soon. Stay tuned!”

25 - Will the game have any stamina/waiting system?

“No. RM will not have those waiting systems in the game”

Random News .

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