Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Dev Team Q&A 1 - 4/16/21

the developer team have conducted what will be one of many to come question & answer thread. below are the most frequently asked questions from the community and here are the official answers for each one

Table of Contents

1 - Will more race tracks appear in the final version of the game, specifically real life tracks?

There most certainly will be more tracks. Tracks are a very important part of any racing game, and we are making street and professional tracks from famous cities all over the world as part of our commitment to providing a more immersive experience. 

It’s also worth mentioning that most of our tracks are based on real places, which means you can find places and routes from the real world in the game. We are also developing a number of world-famous FIA-F1 tracks. It will take some time for us to develop high-precision track models and license these professional tracks, so we will gradually launch them at intervals in the future.

2 - Would there be any e-sports contests for Racing Master?

We will hold a range of different competitions in the future so that most players can participate in them as they wish. Our focus will be on hosting professional competitions (E-sports). At the same time, we will also hold many interactive community competitions. 

For example, we just held a Decal Challenge, where most of our community’s players took part in creating a huge assortment of excellent contributions using the Custom Decal feature in the game. We will select the best submissions, and the creators will receive a Limited-edition Decal as a reward.

3 - Why does the game ask to have access to the mic? There is no chat feature at all, and isn't that a breach of privacy?

In view of the microphone permission request issue in the current beta version, as we explained at the beginning of the test: There is a voice chat feature in the game, but it is still under development. Whether it will be retained in the final version has yet to be decided. 

As this is currently part of the game’s embedded features, the game will automatically request microphone permissions for now. With regards to the current beta version, this feature has no effect, and you can refuse the request or disable your microphone at any time without affecting any of the game’s functionality. We will never collect any recorded audio information.

4 - Would it be possible to add an offline mode to your game to play the game when you have no mobile network or wifi since in France and other countries where there are still white areas (no mobile network) or limited to their mobile internet plan per month and bill out of plan beyond?

At present, we are not planning to add an offline mode. As the game is focused on multiplayer experience, a lot of the game’s content runs on the server, meaning a network connection is required. In addition to this, keeping the whole game process online also helps us maintain a fair game environment with zero cheating or hacking. We believe that over time, online gaming will become even more mainstream, which will benefit more players in the long run.

5 - Will this game be available on a device with a lower processor when the global release is here?

Yes. This beta is a technical test designed for only a few specific hardware configurations. The published hardware requirements are only for this test version. We are committed to optimizing the game to provide more efficient operation and availability to more players. We are currently in the process of repairing frame rate and overheating issues identified through your feedback. 

We will try our best to adapt Racing Master for most mainstream hardware on the market so that more players can enjoy the fun of racing. The final hardware requirements will be subject to our official announcements.

6 - Is there hope we will get to see soundtracks on the main menu as well as at the time of race too?

We have included a number of original songs in this beta test version, and there are different soundtracks for different systems. In the future, we will introduce more high quality music, and the name of the music will be displayed on the UI interface. Players will be able to choose and switch songs at will. We may even launch an official Racing Master soundtrack in the future if our production schedule allows it.

7 - From where did you get the inspiration for Racing master, and how long have you been planning to make it?

Everyone in Racing Master’s creative team loves cars and racing. Apart from investing in actual real-life cars, we could only play high quality car games on PC and consoles in the past. Now, we have decided to take on the tough challenge of bringing an AAA racing experience to mobile devices so that more players around the world can enjoy the fun of racing in the palm of their hands, any time they want. 

It has been more than two years since the pre-production stage began, and now that we’re in the beta phase, we plan to spend even more time enriching the game’s con-tent and polishing it in every aspect to make it as perfect as possible before the official global launch.

8 - Will racing master come out on other platforms?

We are planning to bring the game to more platforms and hope to build a game that offers a cross-platform experience. Optimizing the game for different platforms so that the game can make the best use of each platform’s technological potential, takes a lot of time, so we really appreciate your patience. In addition to iOS and Android, more game platforms will be announced as development moves forward.

9 - How will the story mode work?

The story mode will focus on single-player PvE content, and there will be a variety of gameplay modes that differ from other conventional racing modes. Players will be able to play as the main character, interact with a range of NPCs, and immerse themselves in a unique racing world. 

However, it takes a lot of time to develop high quality story mode content, and only the first few chapters will be released when the official version launches. These chapters will gradually be expanded upon in future updates.

10 - Is there a chance we will get to see major improvements in graphics like making the tracks/environment more lively and also improving physics as sometimes the car feels too stiff while jumping?

Most of the content available in the current beta version is still in the early stages of development, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. We are currently adjusting the environments of the game’s tracks, and we will make each track more realistic in future versions. The vehicle physics system is also under development. 

A significant portion of the content currently in the game is semi-finished, and the final version will be greatly improved upon compared with the beta version. As we said in our thank you letter at the end of the beta, we attach great importance to your experience and feedback, and we hope to receive as much of your help as possible early on in the development process so that the game can become everything you want it to be.

11 - What kind of control mode does the game support? Will we be able to use controllers?

Currently, there are three control modes in the game You can steer with the direction keys, your device’s gyroscope sensor, and the virtual rocker. The throttle can be controlled using the slider, including fully automatic, semi-automatic (manual when pressed) and fully manual. The current beta version supports DualShock 4 controllers, and we will support even more controllers in the future, as well as provide a feature where on-screen virtual buttons can be hidden.

12 - The sound effects of vehicle engines and exhausts of cars in the game do not correspond to those of their real-life counterparts. Will this be improved upon in the future?

The sound effects in the beta version are still under development, and the audio files for each vehicle are not yet matched. This issue will be completely resolved in the future. We attach great importance to the sound effects of the vehicles in Racing Master, and are using the most advanced technology at our disposal to record the audio of each vehicle, from the sound of the doors opening and closing to the roar of the engine. 

We are striving to maintain optimal realism and bring you the most realistic and impactful audio-visual experience. By the way, the RX-7 (FD3S) rotary engine’s sound effects have just been recorded.

13 - Currently, the handling of most vehicles feels a bit strange. Every vehicle has a certain degree of understeering, and the drift system is a bit too powerful. Will it be an option in the future for gripping?

There are still many incomplete elements in the current beta’s physics engine, some of which have not yet been developed, and this has led to a degree of rigidity in vehicle handling. Therefore, vehicles are prone to understeer. This problem has also made it difficult to grip. We believe that after improving the physics engine, vehicles will have more realistic and neutral turning, and the gripping difficulty will be greatly reduced. As for the drift system, Racing Master is not a “brake to drift” arcade game. 

Players need to carefully control their timing when applying the hand brake, using the throttle, and moving left and right while drifting to keep their vehicles balanced. We have also made great efforts to optimize the game for mobile control, so the current drift system is suitable for most casual and new players. We hope to provide a racing game that can not only be enjoyed by hardcore players, but that can also allow non-hardcore players to enjoy the fun of racing. 

We will allow players to freely choose their turning method for each corner while retaining the current design. Players can choose to grip or drift around corners, similar to real WRC racing. This will be achieved in full after we improve the physics engine and reduce the difficulty of gripping and turning. In the future, we may even introduce a “hardcore mode” for players seeking a more realistic experience, allowing players to adjust the driving assist system (TCS, ESC, etc.) and use manual shift and other operations.

14 - When will Racing Master launch officially?

This beta is Racing Master’s first test. As we have mentioned, development is still in the early stages, and a lot of content is still under development, so we’ll need some time to optimize the game before the official launch. We don’t have an official launch date yet, but we plan to launch more tests this year to gather more suggestions and feedback from you all and invite you to witness the growth of Racing Master with us.

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