Custom Shop

Custom Shop allows players to customize different visual aspects of their car such as paints, body kits, tire sizing, underglow, and more. Visual modifications have no performance impact on the car to allow the player to full customization freedom without having to make compromises. Custom Shop purchases use either Design Vouchers or Diamonds depending on the item’s rarity/material

Car Body

Car Body allows you to select a body kit preset or select individual custom parts of the car. The availability of these parts varies from car to car as not all cars have all options available or are customizable at all


Paint & Wrap

Paint allows you to paint the entire car with a colour and paint material of your choice. Gloss, Metallic, Chrome. Satin Metallic, Carbon, Matte Carbon, and Special are the different materials to choose from. Part colour allows you to paint specific car parts any colour such as your mirrors, headlights, hood, roof, and more. Decal allows you place shapes, logos, stripes, etc. on your car. A maximum of 20 layers can be placed on a wrap


Accessory allows you to put underglow and roof decor on your car. Fixed, breathing, and cycle are the available colour modes for underglow. Roof decor parts are available for some cars to add more uniqueness to your car

Stance Tuning

Stance tuning allows you to make visual changes to the car’s suspension, rims/wheels, and tire sidewall. Rims/wheels also have the added option to change your tire sizing, diameter, and width. Tire sidewall allows you to pick a custom tire pattern and select a paint for it