Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

Dev Team Q&A #2

The developer team have conducted what will be one of many to come question & answer thread. Below are the most frequently asked questions from the co…

RM 2nd Beta: What We Know So Far

RM 2nd Beta: What We Know So Far It has been over 6 months since the conclusion of Racing Master’s first beta test. Since then we have gotten small teasers of what to expect in the next test arriving in a few days. Here is everything you need to know about the second beta test […]

RM China: Master Riders

Racing Master devs have sent out surveys to find people to join Master Rides and test the closed beta of Racing Master (China version)

2021 ChinaJoy Racing Master Exhibit

This past weekend, 2021 ChinaJoy was in full swing and Racing Master made another public exhibit appearance for visitors to try out the game

2021 Shanghai Auto Show

Racing Master showed up at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show to give visitors a preview of what to expect from the game

E3 2021: Racing Master

NetEase Games makes an appearance at E3 2021 to showcase more teasers of Racing Master

NetEase Connect 2021

NetEase Games has announced their new product launch event: NetEase Connect. It will occur annually showcasing World Premieres of all their new games coming soon. This year will unmask 13 new games including Racing Master that will launch on PC, Console, and/or Mobile