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Racing Master Unlimited

Behind Mastery Hidden Gems

Throughout the development process of Racing Master, the team has started a series named Behind Mastery which showcase how different aspects of the game are researched and created. We compiled a list of hidden gems that may have fallen under the radar to the average viewer ranging from future hints to real life comparisons 

Episode 1: Behind Car Roars I

At the time the episode was released the McLaren P1™️ had not been seen apart from this episode until the second beta two months later. You can see the team working on the P1™️’s sound profile in the studio along with a large roster of other vehicles. It would be seen again in Episode 2

Episode 2: Behind Car Roars II

The second episode in the series revealed the new track Barcelona which would make its debut appearance in the second beta along with Sicily and Yas Marina. This is the same circuit that has been seen throughout the GRID® series

Episode 3: Behind Car Tracks I

The third episode in the series shows team driving on Baiyun Mountain to get a feel of Southern China’s Mountains the right way. The army green Audi A6 Avant features an MBYTE bodykit with airlift performance and camber angle. A good portion of cars we have seen the team use in real life have made their way into the game so we can infer the same is likely to happen with the A6 Avant

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MBYTE has various body kits in game for select cars including the Volkswagen Scirocco and the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale which was seen in the E3 trailer and is also coming soon to the game. The Granturismo is fitted with the Antivirus body kit by Mbyte which was a one-off project started by Sam Chow

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During the making of Baiyun Mountain segment, you can see photo references to Australian V8 Supercars on the board. The left photo is not the same as the bottom but shows the same photo style. This might suggest that V8 supercars could make their way into RM one day

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