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Battle Pass is a gameplay system that grants various rewards such as in-game currency, outfits, cars, etc. to players as they progress through 100 tiers. Each season has its own exclusive battle pass that is only available for a limited time and moves on to the next season. Players progress through the free tiers and have the option to upgrade their battle pass to the deluxe battle pass to unlock more rewards.
Daily and Weekly missions are available to complete which grant Battle Pass EXP upon completion. Battle Pass EXP is used to gain more tier levels throughout the pass. 50 diamonds are granted once 6 daily missions are completed and 200 diamonds are granted once 6 weekly missions are completed. Daily missions reset at 5 AM ET daily and weekly missions reset every 7 days at 5 am et

There are two types of passes available:

Free Pass

Free pass is available to all players for free giving various rewards in all 100 tiers

Deluxe/Premium Pass

Deluxe Pass is available to purchase for $17.99 CAD. It offers all Free Pass rewards with more Deluxe Pass rewards including a 20% Season EXP boost and Deluxe Pass exclusive cars.
Premium Pass is available for $29.99 CAD. It includes all Deluxe Pass rewards and perks along with 10 tier levels increase, 20% parts boost, and a special Avatar border added

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