Racing Master Unlimited

Racing Master Unlimited

2021 Shanghai Auto Show

Racing Master showed up at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show to give visitors a preview of what to expect from the game

The booth dubbed Code Racing was located in Hall 6 of the Exhibit Convention Featuring the game. You could get a small preview of what is to come when the game launches. Visitors could see first hand some of the vehicles and the authentic sounds of Racing master

A simulated driver seat was displayed in the booth to have people experience the different engine and vehicle sound effects first hand while using the game’s interior inspect feature as what was shown in the 1st beta.

Rather than just using only phones, the game was shown on 60 Inch High Definition TV screens meaning the game will be compatible with larger screens while maintaining high quality throughout gameplay. This is especially good news for high quality enthusiasts who want a picture perfect view of the game

This is a look at the Honda Civic Type R on the touchscreen TV. Visitors got hands on experience on seeing some vehicle’s interior and exterior as well as a view of the home screen garage. As you can see NetEase and Codemasters wanted to make each vehicle model as real as possible using 3D scanning and other complex methods to bring the real life experience to mobile

As of June 19 there is no announced date for the 2nd Beta so stay tuned to or other social media outlets for more Racing Master News 

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